Friday, February 4, 2011

Human Impact on Tundra

Human Impact:

· Overhunting: Sailors overhunt musk oxen for the food and clothing.

· Global Warming: Melting glaciers and permafrost flood areas and destroys plant species.

· Oil Drilling: Tundra has many natural resources, like oil and nickel. Pollution from mines and rigs ruins the fragile ecosystem.

· Overdevelopment: Many people are moving in to work in the mines and oil industry. Towns and roads are made for the increased population. Many of the animals’ migrations and feeding patterns are interrupted by developments.

· Pollution: Air pollution reduces the ozone layer and exposes tundra to harmful ultraviolet rays, which affects plants and animals life negatively.

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  1. Aren't there any positive impacts? I'm doing a project too, and that's kind of what I'm looking for right now...

    1. I made this website a couple of years ago, but I have found more research that could help.

      Fortunately though, humans have also had a positive impact on the environment of the tundra, they have:

      They made oil transporters designed to do as little damage as possible.
      They have created laws to protect endanimals such as the gyrfalcon.
      People have made recycling programs to prevent additional causes to global warming.

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    1. The Tundra may not look special but we still have to do something! Save the Tundra!

  3. thanks a lot that info really helped me

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  5. im tryin a look for any famous place that is considered a tundra biome and is facing threat anyone know any places